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Chrome DevTools: Copy CSS styles as JavaScript compatible properties

Last updated: 11th November 2021
Copy CSS styles as JavaScript compatible properties


You can now copy CSS styles as JavaScript, so the styles in your clipboard are compatible with CSS-in-JavaScript libraries.

How to copy CSS as JavaScript

To try this out:

  1. Inspect an element via DevTools.
  2. Right click on the styles within the Styles Pane.
  3. Select Copy all declarations as JS (or copy a single declaration).

Your clipboard now has a string which looks like this (excluding the curly braces):

    letterSpacing: '2px',
    textTransform: 'uppercase',
    textDecoration: 'none',
    textAlign: 'center',
    margin: '1em',
    padding: '25px 40px'

Notice, DevTools converts the properties to items such as letterSpacing instead of a hyphenated CSS property like letter-spacing.

Bonus: How to assign styles with vanilla JavaScript

As a bonus tip, if you want to start out with a simple vanilla CSS-in-JavaScript approach (assuming you have a solid use-case of course!), you could use Object.assign().

The Object.assign() method can copy an object onto a target object, such as the .style property of a DOM element. Here's the code:

const anchor = document.querySelector('a');

Object.assign(anchor.style, {
    color: 'white',
    letterSpacing: '2px'


This feature is currently in Chrome Canary, tested in version 98, and should make its way to regular Chrome soon.

Further Resource

DevTools has lots of interesting 'copy as' features.

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