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Chrome DevTools: Enhanced autocomplete features in the Console Panel

Last updated: 20th July 2020
Enhanced autocomplete features in the Console Panel

The auto-completion/auto-suggestion feature has received some nice upgrades.

  1. Suggestion Subtitles shows the type of item in the autosuggest box (e.g. Window, Object, <Class Name>).
  2. Autocomplete now works from the middle of a line.
  3. The Map() object now works well with autocomplete. Here's an example you can try in Canary:

// Create a map

map = new Map();
map.set('hello', 'world');
map.set('animal', 'cat');
map.set('number', 42);

// Now type


// And observe the autosuggest values you can select


Update: Network Throttling Profiles is in Chrome Stable!

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