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Chrome DevTools: Custom Network Throttling Profiles

Last updated: 6th November 2020
Custom Network Throttling Profiles


DevTools supports Network throttling (and even CPU Throttling). The built-in presets for Network Panel Throttling are essentially Fast 3G, Slow 3G and Offline.

This tip is to demonstrate that you can create your own throttling presets, where you can customise the speeds for download, upload and latency.

How to use this feature

  1. Go to Settings > Throttling.
  2. Select Add a custom profile.
  3. Enter a Profile Name, Download speed, Upload speed and Latency.
  4. You can apply your new throttling profile from the Network Panel throttle options.

Worth knowing

You can add more nuanced throttling profiles, for example:

As for definitions:

Extra resource

CPU Throttling is useful to apply when testing website performance - especially if you're testing on a high-end developer machine.

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