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Chrome DevTools: Expose Web Animation API instances from the Animation Inspector

Last updated: 3rd December 2020
Expose Web Animation API instances from the Animation Inspector

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You can use the Animation Inspector to export an animation so it can be programmatically controlled via JavaScript.

How to use this feature

Ensure that you are on a page with a playing animation, then, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Right click on the animation from the Animation Inspector.
  2. Select Store as global variable.
  3. Observe you now have access to a variable temp1 in the Console Panel. This variable represents an instance of the Web Animations API.

For example, evaluating the following code in the Console Panel:

temp1.constructor // Animation() { [native code] }

Confirms that the temp1 variable is an instance of a Web Animation.

The Web Animations API

You can access methods and properties of the animation instance such as:

Being able to evaulate such JavaScript expressions directly in the Console Panel is helpful for debugging.


Check out the following tips to better understand how animation tooling works in DevTools:

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