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Chrome DevTools: A project wide search with an optional file scope

Last updated: 30th October 2020
A project wide search with an optional file scope


DevTools has a project wide search which is accessible from the Sources Panel.

How to use it

Search across all sources with the keyboard shortcut Cmd + Opt + F / Ctrl + Shift + F from the Sources Panel.

If your query returns too many matching files, you can limit the search scope by changing the search query from:



query file:main.js


query file:main

The latter query is helpful when you don't know the full filename of the resource, for example a versioned JavaScript asset might be named main-d986d927.js. Thus searching for query file:main is more practical.


In addition to search through the textual content of a resource, you can also search across all network headers and content from the Network Panel.

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