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Chrome DevTools: Run predefined snippets of code on any web page

Last updated: 4th March 2021
Run predefined snippets of code on any web page


A feature called Snippets is present in the DevTools which allows you to inject JavaScript code which can be run on a webpage (it's more convenient than re-typing JavaScript code in the console panel). To try it:

How to use this feature

  1. Go to Sources > Snippets (it's in the left sidebar).
  2. Select New Snippet (and optionally enter a file name and your desired snippet).
  3. Right click on the snippet and select Run (or Ctrl/Cmd + Enter).

You'll also notice it has multi-line editing.

An example

As an example, here's a piece of JavaScript code I wrote for previewing what the different JavaScript date methods return:

    .filter(name => name.startsWith('to'))
    .map(method => `${method}: ${(new Date())[method]()}`)

Try creating a snippet named JavaScript Date Methods and pasting that code in. That snippet will then be available in DevTools in the future.

Extra resource

Here's a great collection of DevTools Snippets. There are a few particularly interesting snippets in this project, such as:

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