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Chrome DevTools: Refactor and improve your stylesheets with the CSS Overview Panel

Last updated: 18th November 2020
Refactor and improve your stylesheets with the CSS Overview Panel


The CSS Overview Panel provides interesting information on your CSS. You can view high-level CSS metrics which are especially useful when refactoring.

How to use this feature

Enable this feature:

  1. Enable CSS Overview from the DevTools Experiments pane (Cmd + Shift + P > Show Experiments)
  2. Select Show CSS Overview from the DevTools Command Menu (Cmd + Shift + P)

In the CSS Overview Panel, you can navigate to different sections:

When to use this feature

Use this when refactoring your code, or normalising brand styles across pages. For example, if you notice slight variations of a "primary" color scattered around your CSS, this Colors pane in the Overview panel is a great place to identify such a thing.

You can also use the Media queries pane within the CSS Overview Panel to check you are targeting the expected set of media query breakpoints and ensuring your pages look good on a variety of screen dimensions.

The Unused declarations pane may help improve the network and render performance by informing you which CSS can be removed.

Finally, you can use the CSS Overview panel to communicate information to the rest of your front-end team, especially new starters, on the state of the CSS code, including areas which may need focussing upon.


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