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Chrome DevTools: See the Initiator Chain for a given request

13th December 2019
See the Initiator Chain for a given request

The new Request Initiator Pane in DevTools shows the Initiators and Dependencies for the selected Network Panel Request.

To access it:

  1. Click on a request in the Network Panel
  2. Select the Initiator Pane

In the Chain view ⛓️ your selected request is bold, and requests below it are dependencies. Everything above led to the initiation of the selected request.

Where applicable, a JavaScript callstack is shown for the selected request. This callstack can show you the exact line of code which initiated the request e.g. (new Image()).src = 'image.jpg'.

While this provides less information, a quicker way of doing this is to hold shift while you hover over resources in the Network Panel.

This is currently in Canary and should be in the next Chrome stable release.

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